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The anywhere, anytime RV for those with just 3.5 feet of storage space and a dream. No garage, driveway, or parking spot required.

Less gas, waste, and environmental impact

Just fill up your tank on your car, hitch us to your ride, and go. No hook-ups, no emissions, and no increased carbon footprint.

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Why make reservations when your room is always ready? All you need is a car, your gear and the open road.

Frequently asked questions

Will my vehicle be able to tow a Hitch Hotel?

The Hitch Hotel was explicitly designed to be towed behind vehicles big and small—and can be supported by any vehicle. A Class 1 hitch assembly is required in the US to tow the Hitch Hotel. This is the lightest hitch assembly produced with limits of 200 lbs. tongue weight and 2000 lbs. total weight. With a total tongue weight of 145-160 lbs. and a total weight of 950 lbs., the Hitch Hotel can be safely towed by any vehicle—anywhere.

Do you have any dealers?

We will not have a dealer network in the US. Instead, we will be creating an Installer Network across the country.

Can I rent a Hitch Hotel?

Not at this time. However, we are working on a rental program for the future.

How long will I need to wait for my pre-order to be delivered?

We expect to begin deliveries within 8-10 weeks from the reservation date of an order.

What if I move before my Hitch Hotel ships?

If you move, simply notify us at holly@hitchhotel.com, and we will arrange to have it shipped to your new address or to the nearest Installer.

Can I return my Hitch Hotel? What is your refund policy?

Please contact us to discuss returns

Is there a warranty on my Hitch Hotel?

The Hitch Hotel carries a limited 12-month warranty on quality and craftsmanship.

Do I need to insure my Hitch Hotel?

Generally, when towing a trailer behind a vehicle, the vehicle's insurance covers the towed unit. However, checking with your insurance company about coverages and limits is best.

Do you offer special financing or rent-to-own?

Not at this time—we will however explore financing options in the future.

Can I customize my Hitch Hotel?

Hitch Hotel currently comes in 2 configurations, Standard and Premium, with variances in power and cooling systems on board. In the future, we would love to offer true customization.

Is the Hitch Hotel available in other colors?

Currently, we are only focusing on white. However, we hope to have color options in the future.

Does the Hitch Hotel come with a mattress?

No. The Hitch Hotel comes standard with padded flooring. We do have suppliers that you can order mattresses from. Please contact us for more information.

Does the Hitch Hotel have electricity?

Yes. The Hitch Hotel comes standard with a lithium battery system that supports interior lights and a small roof fan. It also has USB charging ports for small devices.

Does the Hitch Hotel have Wi-Fi?


How is the Hitch Hotel ventilated?

Yes, All Hitch Hotels come with 3 large vented windows and a roof fan.

Is the Hitch Hotel insulated?

Yes. The Hitch Hotel is a fiberglass shell that provides insulation. Additionally, further insulation comes from its foam-backed canvas interior.

Do you sell covers for the Hitch Hotel?

Yes. We offer custom water-resistant canvas covers that allow access to the unit while in storage.

Does the Hitch Hotel arrive fully assembled?

Yes. However, you will need to disassemble the unit's shipping cradle.

Where can I find parts, books, and owner's manuals?

Contact us for details.

Do I need someone to install my Hitch Hotel professionally?

No. However, if you are not comfortable unpacking and installing your unit—we will locate a nearby Installer to assist you.

Whom can I contact if I need help with installation?

We will connect you with our Installer Network to help you reach someone nearest you to assist with installation.

If I want my Hitch hotel professionally installed, where should I go?

If you are not comfortable unpacking and installing your unit—we will locate a nearby Installer to assist you.

Do I need any special equipment to install my Hitch Hotel?


What kind of hitch do I need?

A Class 1 hitch assembly is needed.

Do I need trailer brakes?

No. The unit weighs less than 1000 lbs. and does not require brakes.

Can I go off-road with my Hitch Hotel?

Yes. The Hitch Hotel is built to be rugged. However, it cannot be towed at highway speeds off-road. Using common sense with your Hitch Hotel is always a good idea.

Can I lock my Hitch Hotel?

Yes. The Hitch Hotel locks from both inside and out.

Can I take my Hitch Hotel off my car and leave it locked while I adventure?

Yes. The entry door has dual locks. Additionally, you can remove the tow bar coupler and locking pin to reduce the chance of theft.

Can I drive with an expanded trailer?


What if I have issues with my Hitch Hotel while on the road?

The Hitch Hotel has limited moving parts while being towed. If you get a flat tire, the Hitch Hotel comes standard with a replacement wheel and tire so you can quickly get back to the open road. Contact a roadside service agent if other problems occur and you can no longer tow your Hitch Hotel

Can I store my gear in my Hitch Hotel while driving?

Yes. There is plenty of space to carry gear inside and outside of the unit.

How much space do I need to store my Hitch Hotel?

The Hitch Hotel requires 3.5 ft. of storage space.

What's the best way to store my Hitch Hotel?

Store your Hitch Hotel with the tow bar up in tighter spaces or with the tow bar down. Both ways are safe.

Can I store my Hitch Hotel outside?

Yes. However, outside elements can damage the finish. Therefore, we recommend our canvas cover for outdoor storage.

Is my Hitch Hotel water resistant?

Yes. The finish on the Hitch Hotel is waterproof, and the unit is sealed tight in both its closed and open positions.

What do I need to do to maintain my Hitch Hotel?

Keeping the unit clean and free of excessive dirt is recommended. Additionally, as with all towed units, proper maintenance of the tires, inflation, lighting, and bearing assemblies is required.

How do I clean my Hitch Hotel?

You can wash your Hitch Hotel with mild soap and water. Upkeep is a minimum.

Can the inside of my Hitch Hotel get wet?

While the flooring is water resistant, and the canvas interior is marine grade—we cannot saturate the interior or clean it out with a hose.

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About us

While driving back to Cali after a boat trip down the Colorado River, a father and son passed by a crowded RV park and got into a lively discussion about the cost, size, maintenance, gas consumption, and carbon footprint of the average RV—noting how these things compromise the very freedom owners seek. Ultimately, they questioned whether or not the average adventurer has the dollars, space, or time to buy, store, and maintain something as cumbersome and expensive as an RV.

In weighing alternatives like vans, tents, and teardrop trailers, they realized there were precious few options for space-and-time-strapped road warriors. Sure, they could always pitch a tent or tow a trailer, but what about their gear, sleeping comfortably off the ground, traversing the elements, and securing their stuff while exploring? And what about storage space and tow capacity for people with tiny homes and cars who also dream of big adventures?

At that moment, the idea for a small, towable, stow-able, retractable, lockable, weather-resistant sleep trailer that could double as on-the-road storage space was born. The following day, they started building the first Hitch Hotel.