Hitch Hotel
Get up
 and go

Introducing the Hitch Hotel. The world’s first anytime, anywhere hotel room
for anyone with a car and a few feet of storage space.

The shortest distance
between you and the open road.

The Hitch Hotel is a go-anywhere hotel room that expands from an impossibly small footprint to a roomy 7-foot camper that comfortably sleeps two adults off the ground.

Compact enough to store almost anywhere, large enough to stow your gear, and light enough to tow on the hitch of any car—this small but mighty trailer is anything but your parent's RV.

Get Up 1. GET UP

Pick your destination. Make some coffee. Grab your gear.

Get Going 2. GET HITCHED

Hitch us to your ride. Store your stuff inside.

Get Going 3. GET GOING

Hit the road. Find the perfect parking spot and start your adventure.

Get Cozy 4. GET COZY

Expand your Hitch Hotel, climb in, and catch some z’s.

Ditch your tent, RV, van, and pop-up trailer
And hitch us to your ride instead
  • Store compactly in less than 3.5 feet of space
  • Travel anytime, anywhere—using any car with a hitch
  • Stow your stuff inside as you drive
  • Open and expand in minutes
  • Sleep two adults safely—off the ground
  • Wake up and enjoy your room with a view
  • Retract in seconds
  • Repeat

Hitch Me Up

Roman & Avalon Escaping to the mountains
Ali & Rich Biking in Joshua Tree, CA
Alison & Shaunte Wine tasting in Carmel Valley, CA
GABBY & BEN Hiking in Buena Vista, CO
Dylan & Cheese Santa Monica Mountains
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24 hours

All you need is 24 hours, a Hitch Hotel, and the open road. Share your weekend adventures by tagging us on your socials.

word on the STREET
What the experts are saying

“Just unhitch your Hitch Hotel from your truck or SUV and voilá, a hard-shell sleeping space with a surprising amount of space and protection—and no hotel bills.”


“Dragging a big trailer behind you as you travel can prove cumbersome, but campers don't come more compact than this expandable trailer.”

Lonely Planet

“Do you have a storage shed, a little space in the back of your garage, or even a good-sized coat closet? If so, you too have room to store a camper.”


“At first glance, it looks like a simple cargo carrier, but nothing is further from the truth. The Hitch Hotel is actually an excellent place to spend the weekend”

Car and Driver, Spain

“The new Hitch Hotel may be the most clever and compact model we’ve ever seen that is small and light enough to affix to the rear of even a Smart Car or Mini Cooper.”

The Manual